30 Minute Meal: Poached Eggs on Ezekiel Bread

Breakfast is easily my favorite meal of the day, and I truly believe that it is the most important. I always set aside time in my morning routine for making myself a delicious breakfast, but even if you’re on a crunch for time it is possible to have a gourmet meal at home that is also quick and easy! This recipe is simple and filling, plus I’ve got the trick to perfect poached eggs every time.

Eggs are one of my go-to breakfast options not only for the protein they offer but because  they are easy to cook. Most people make their eggs scrambled or fried, but one of my favorite ways to make eggs is to poach them, which to many is foreign territory but I promise it’s much easier than you think!

Prep Time: 5 Minutes

Cook Time: 10-15 Minutes

Total Time: 15-20 Minutes


2 large eggs (from free range chickens)

1 handful of baby spinach

1/2 orange pepper

2 slices of rye Ezekiel bread, toasted


  1. Start a small pot of water on the stove, the key here is to bring it to a simmer, not a boil. While this is heating up I take the Ezekiel bread out of the freezer to thaw a bit, and normally get dressed or blow dry my hair while I wait. I try to find meals where I can multitask and get ready for work while I cook!
  2. Once the water is at a simmer, take a large spoon and stir the water in a clockwise motion around the pot. When you get the water moving quickly, crack the first egg and drop it directly into the middle of the pot. The movement of the water will wrap the egg white around the yolk and create a perfectly round poached egg. I do not add vinegar like some people suggest, I just use this technique and it works perfectly every time. Leave the egg in the water for 3 minutes before removing and placing on a plate. Repeat with the second egg.
  3. While the eggs are cooking, I start a frying pan for the spinach and peppers to cook in. I use a scoop of coconut oil before placing a handful of spinach and half of the pepper (sliced thinly) into the pan. By the time both eggs have been poached, the spinach and peppers should have wilted and started to cook through.
  4. Put your Ezekiel bread into the toaster before poaching the second egg to time everything out as seamlessly as possible. Ezekiel bread is packaged frozen to retain freshness, so it often takes a little longer for it to toast. I have started eating only Ezekiel bread and love it! They have lots of options, but I prefer the rye and cinnamon raisin the best.
  5. Once the toast is done, take the spinach and peppers off the heat and place on top of the toast. Finish with a poached egg on each slice and sprinkle some salt and pepper for added flavor.

And that’s it! A super easy and delicious breakfast that can be incorporated into everyone’s morning routine. Just like with anything, eating healthy is a priority! By meal prepping my lunches for the week I allow myself the time to cook a yummy meal for myself every morning. If you dislike spinach or pepper you can substitute with whatever veggies you’d like, thus is the beauty of cooking! If you liked this post, or have any questions about poaching eggs or Ezekiel bread, please leave a comment below!

xx Kelly


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Hi, I'm Kelly! A 24 year old Lifestyle & Travel blogger from New England.

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