My Angle on Triangl: Bikini Review

As I prepare for my upcoming vacation and the impending summer, I [naturally] purchased some new bathing suits to rock for the next couple of months. I had always been a fan of Victoria’s Secret bikini’s, but as they are now shifting their focus onto athletic wear I needed a new go-to swim suit brand. Last year I purchased my first Triangl suit, and I recently received my two newest bikini’s in the mail so I thought I would share my thoughts!

At A Glance:


  • true to color
  • excellent construction
  • durability
  • great customer service


  • cannot try product on before ordering
  • pricey (and expensive shipping costs)
  • non-breathable
  • long dry time


My first bathing suit was the adorable Poppy Balconnet suit in the color Paradise Palms. Yes, they can be a bit expensive, but I purchased this suit as a reward for myself upon finishing my first 12 weeks of the Bikini Body Guide (I figured a bikini was an appropriate gift). Now the first thing I will say about Triangl is that my customer service experience with them has been one of the best I’ve ever had. There is obviously a looming sense of fear when ordering a nearly $100.00 bathing suit online without having tried it on first, but Triangl has a really great chat system on their website that makes the process simpler. I spoke to 3 different girls on the chat before placing an order because I wanted to be sure that their consensus on sizing was consistent, and thankfully it was!

I placed my order on a Tuesday and my bathing suit arrived on Friday morning. It came packaged in a sturdy black box with the top and bottom wrapped separately in plastic inside. My initial thought was that the colors were beautiful and bright just like on the website, which put my fear of discoloration to rest. Now, to put things into perspective I am 5’3″ tall with an athletic build. My bra size is a US 32-34D, so I decided that I needed some extra support. This top is essentially a bra itself, and none of their bathing suits are padded. One of my dislikes about Victoria’s Secret bathing suits was their ridiculous use of extra bra padding so Triangl’s lack thereof was definitely a plus for me.

I ordered a Small + top and a Medium bottom and they fit perfectly. The bottoms do run on the smaller/tighter side, so if you like a looser fitting bottom then I suggest going a size larger than they suggest. My friend ordered a large for her second suit and compared it to her mediums and they are only slightly larger in the coverage but a little goes a long way! Just keep that in mind when deciding on a bottoms size. As they state on the website, the tops are non-adjustable around the bust, but mine fits perfectly given the recommended sizing. Do keep in mind that your size may change depending on the style as well!

Poppy Bikini in “Paradise Palms” with non-adjustable clip in the back and un-padded cups.


The second suit that I got was the Black Neon bikini in color Pink Rush, which I LOVE. Totally different shape and cut to this bathing suits top, and it definitely has less coverage and support than the balconnet tops, but I still love how it looks. I am a Small + top and Medium bottom again in this suit, but I could see why some people might change the sizing for this style, especially the top. It definitely fits, but the triangle cups are small, so keep that in mind! Again the color is so rich and it is definitely neon (as advertised). The bottoms on this suit are softer, but that is because the Poppy suit has color blocking on the sides whereas this bottom is a solid black. I have started wearing these bottoms with a combination of different tops. Triangl unfortunately does not allow you to order tops and bottoms separately, but having a pair of black bottoms definitely allows me to mix and match the suits I do own.

Black Neon Bikini in “Pink Rush” with non-adjustable clip in the back. 


The third suit I own is the Heidi in color Island Kiss. Let me just say, I had THE hardest time deciding which color to go with in this suit, but I am really pleased with this blue. I am very pale, and I feared that going with the pink Heartbreaker color or the green Lost Paradise would have washed my skin right out. All of the girls in the images on Triangl’s website are tan, so I try to always keep in mind how the colors will look with my skin tone. I had originally thought that the blue was darker and the pink was red when looking at the image on their website, but it is definitely a softer, more vibrant blue and an undeniable pink color. In these images the third color appears more yellow than in person, I would say that it is a neon green. This suit is so much fun, I absolutely love how bright and cheery it is, and it is even more fabulous in person.

The bottoms on this suit are different from the Poppy and Black Neon suits, but I still like them a lot. They provide full coverage as advertised, and while Triangl has started to produce cheeky bottoms this particular suit does not provide that option. I will say that even though Triangl’s regular bottoms are advertised as full coverage, depending on your sizing and how tight you like your bottoms they can get a bit cheeky on their own! For that reason I will stick with regular cut bottoms from them. I ordered this suit in the same Small + and Medium combination, and I’m extremely thankful that the sizing has translated so well across these suits. I always check again before ordering in case of a sizing change, though- just to be safe.

Heidi Bikini in “Island Kiss” with non-adjustable clip in back and non-padded bra.


The last suit I purchased is the Missy in color Summer Fling. This suit is so bright and I absolutely love the colors. This orange is so flattering, even on pale skin. I will say that the background color on the top is not white but an off white, almost cream color which I wasn’t sure about at first but I actually think it’s a very interesting combination. These bottoms are also just like the Black Neon ones, super soft and they have more stretch to them than the Poppy and Heidi suits. Similar to the Black Neon top though, the cups on this bathing suit are smaller and provide less coverage, but the straps are adjustable which helps! I did notice that the clip on the back of this bathing suit was different than that of the Black Neon but only because of the material; the Black Neon is plastic while the Missy is metal. I really love how this suit looks on even though I was worried about what the orange tone would look like against my skin color. It is definitely vibrant though so I will likely be glowing on the beach.

Missy Bikini in “Summer Fling” with non-adjustable metal clip in back.

A few final thoughts in regards to Triangl bikini’s in general. First of all, I was obviously wary about spending so much money on a bathing suit before purchasing my first suit, but after using it for a summer and comparing it to my other bathing suits the quality is undeniable. You can tell that these bathing suits are crafted well and will last. Perhaps it is due to the neoprene material being thicker than traditional bathing suits, but I do not have any worries about the fabric stretching out or snagging like other bathing suits can. They obviously require a little bit more care than a traditional suit as well (they need to be laid flat to avoid wrinkles and dents in the neoprene) but they last and I think that is worth it. Going along with the special care required for a neoprene suit, these bathing suits are thicker than most. This means that they can get very hot if you are baking in the sun all day. It also means that they take longer to dry, so if you are moving in and out of the water you will be wearing a damp bikini for the duration of the day. Something to keep in mind.

Black Neon Suit in Color Pink

All and all I will likely be purchasing another Triangl suit in the future. They are a level up from all other bathing suits out there, but I am willing to spend the money because they are more comfortable and last much longer! They are also always coming out with new styles and even though I can’t try the suit on before buying, I have ordered 4 suits with the online chat available on their website and have not once been disappointed with the customer service or their recommendations. I did say this earlier but I will say it again, these bathing suits are very snug and they give you sizing with the assumption that you want it to fit that way. If that is not the case (especially with bottoms) then you may want to go a size up from what they recommend.

Do you have any Triangl suits? Which ones? Leave me a comment below with your thoughts on the brand and this review, and as always feel free to ask me any questions that may pertain to this post (or others!).

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xx Kelly


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Hi, I'm Kelly! A 24 year old Lifestyle & Travel blogger from New England.

31 thoughts on “My Angle on Triangl: Bikini Review

  1. I just realized I never saw your comment, so sorry!! I would suggest a small or small + by the sounds of it, but I hope whichever size you went with fits you well!


  2. hi! i am so happy that i stumbled across this page because from what i read we have very similar body types. Ive decided to go with a large bottom but im still struggling with what size top i should get. My underbust is 32 inches, bust is 36, and i usually wear a c or d cup. In your opinion what size top would you recommend i get? thank you so much in advance! this post was very helpful 🙂


  3. Hi! I love your review!

    If you got the cheeky bottoms, would you get a size medium or large?

    Would the large size fit nicely across? or you think it might be too loose?

    I’m torn between the sizes, and I think your size is similar to mine!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi there! I found that the sizing isn’t drastically different between the medium and large, it is more-so a less snug fit than more coverage. If you’re worried I would size up!!


  4. Hi, I have been saving up for a bathing suit for a long time, and if I splurge on it, I want to get one that makes my boobs look the most flattering. I wear between and A and B, what would you suggest? I just want to make the right choice if I’m going to drop all the money on it. And if I wear about a size 2 in jeans, what should i get in bottoms? Thank you so much. I’ve been looking for articles like this to help me decide!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If you’re a smaller chest than you can go with any of the classic triangl cuts and I think it would look great on you! They offer me less support (I am a D) but they are still flattering on my body so I would imagine it would be the same for you! The balconnet style probably wouldn’t do much for you in my opinion. For bottoms I would go with an XS or S if you are a US size 2, they fit snug so if you want it to be a little less tight maybe size up!!


  5. Hello!

    The Missy bath is so pretty! I wanted to order one similar but not sure about sizing! If I’m a 34A in bra size and fit 24-25 jean size what size would you recommend?



  6. The Missy- Summer Fling bikini, it states on their website that the bottom comes in a “coral” color. I really prefer the orange and I was wondering if it advertised as orange or coral when you purchased yours! Thank you xo


  7. Hi! I love all of them and how they fit you! One thing, could you tell me what your underbust measures? I’m planning on getting one of the Missy style and I’m wondering which size to get. My bra size is 34C (90D EUR) and my pants size is 6 (38EUR), and my underbust is 80cm. I’ve been thinking of getting the small + as well and the medium or large bottoms? What sizes would you recommend me? Thanks ❤


    1. Sounds like you are close to the same size as me!! My bras are 34D, and I wear a 4 or 6 US bottom for pants, so I have mediums for both top and bottom with Triangl and they fit great for me! If you have a bit more booty or like more coverage for your bikini bottoms then I’d get the large, it isn’t a huge difference between the two sizes but it will likely be a bit more comfortable as the material is stiff and can cut in on the sides!


  8. Hi! It’s nice to see someone with boobs review these suits and see pictures. I was just wondering if these are comfortable to move around in? Like be active on the beach and everything, and if so, which style would you recommend.

    You look great in all of them by the way!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Julia! I hadn’t seen anyone with boobs review them either so I’m glad my review could be of help!! The balconette style tops are definitely best if you want more support and will be active on the beach, as the triangle style tops are a lot more lose! If I know I am going to be doing any sort of water activities I make a conscious effort to wear those styles over the triangle tops to avoid any slips.

      Liked by 1 person

  9. You look amazing in all your suits, kind of a different question here; did you have to pay any extra shipping once they arrived? Thanks!


    1. Thank you!! I didn’t have to pay any extra, no. Just the shipping when I placed the order which was $20.00! I do know that a lot of girls in Canada have had to pay customs for their orders but I am based in the U.S.


  10. I just wondered what pant size you are. I’ve read a lot of review and it says triangl runs small so I’m not sure what size to get. Did you feel like the sizing chart is true to size??


    1. They are definitely snug! I am a size 4-6 (depending on the brand) but typically a 4 jean size or a 27 so I got mediums and they fit me perfectly! If you like them a little looser and less snug then I would suggest going a size up 🙂


  11. I love your Missy pair in color Summer Fling! How are the cheeky bottoms? I have a regular pair of bottoms but I find the neoprene doesn’t sit totally flat across my butt.. kinda puckers in (almost like a neoprene wedgie!) when I move. Interested to hear your thoughts… 🙂


    1. Thank you! I love that one too, I don’t actually own any of the cheeky bottoms (I’m a bit too scared to try them haha) but I have heard good things about the cut! I have the same situation with the neoprene puckering across the butt but I’ve sort of just come to terms with it. I personally prefer fuller coverage and worry that the cheeky might impose an even worse wedgie!


    1. Oh my goodness thank you!! I saved up for them but they were so worth the splurge to me 🙂 nothing wrong with spoiling yourself sometimes! Thank you for this message I hope you liked the review!


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