Hello, August

August always feels like the Sunday of the year to me, anyone else? Whenever a new month falls on a Monday, I get excited. A new week, a new month, and new goals to be made and met.  Summer’s end is right around the corner, school is starting up soon (although I still can’t believe I am no longer a student myself), and pretty soon we will be flung back into fall and the impending winter. I always try my best to make the very most of this month.

Every month I try to set some goals for myself! I divide my goals into three main categories: Fitness, Health, & Wellness. Wellness encompasses quite a bit, but it mainly focuses on my mental health and tiny ways I can look to improve it. Some categories may have more goals, others may have less, but it is all dependent on how I am feeling and the areas I feel I need some improvement.


  1. Increase my weights. Part of the reason I have been feeling stagnant with my progress and my body lately is because I haven’t been challenging myself like I could be with my weights. I have hit a bit of a plateau, and I am hoping that this will bring me out of that.
  2. Less excuses. I know that I don’t have any reason to be in good shape other than how it makes me feel, but for the past month I have granted myself more off days than I would have liked. That is not to say that sometimes you need them more than others, but often the reason behind giving myself a day off is just because I feel like I can, not because I need one. I know I feel better when I workout, so I am making it a goal to get my workouts in 6 days a week, no excuses.
  3. Practice more yoga.  I am aiming to practice at least 3 times per week, and my goal by the end of this month is to be able to hold a forearm stand with confidence. It makes me happy, and if that isn’t a good enough reason to practice 3 or more times per week than I don’t know what is!
  4. Try a new class. I always see the women I follow on Instagram trying out awesome classes like Barre and Acro-yoga, and I really need to just get my booty to one of them! If nothing else but for the experience, and the education that having an instructor brings. I’m interested in Aerial Yoga, Pure Barre, and Boxing so I am making a point to finally pick one and DO IT!


  1. As I mentioned on Instagram, I have made the commitment to Whole 30 for the month of August! I know multiple people who have done it and noticed drastic improvements to their mood, energy levels, and sleep. I am always in a relatively good mood, but I am definitely in need of a kick to my energy levels and my sleep. This diet is probably confusing to some, and I get that, but I know that I want to figure out what foods make my body feel best and fine tune my diet accordingly. It is not about losing weight, it is simply about finding what feels good! This will definitely be a challenge, but I will be tracking my progress on here as I go, so please feel free to keep up with me!
  2. Carry water with me, ALWAYS. I am somewhat of a camel in the sense that I can go a very long time without water, and it is AWFUL. I have a 1.5L bottle on my desk at work and even that I can’t finish sometimes, so August is the month where I am really choosing to buckle down and commit to bringing a water bottle with me every where in an effort to drink enough water and remain properly hydrated.


  1. Read more books. I had been reading so much at the start of the summer and I really enjoyed it. For whatever reason I fell off track, and so I am making an effort this month to unplug more and pick up a book. I am also starting a monthly book club on here with my reviews, suggestions, and [hopefully] recommendations from others. I encourage you all to join me, so if you have a great book that you think others should be reading, leave me a comment!
  2. Keep not settling. One of the areas of my personality that I am always looking to improve is my ability to stick up for myself. Not that I am a push over, but my tendency is to put others first and leave my wants and needs on the back burner. For a while now I have making a conscious effort to not settle. Not just in how I treat myself, but with how others treat me. To me not settling means avoiding the things that hinder my happiness, and doing more of the things that make me happy.

Do you set monthly goals for yourself? If so, what are some things you wish to challenge yourself with this month? And as I mentioned, be on the look out for my August Bookclub as well as my weekly Whole 30 updates!

xx Kelly


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Hi, I'm Kelly! A 24 year old Lifestyle & Travel blogger from New England.

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