How To Create The Perfect Office Space

A typical day for me involves spending my 9-5 at a desk helping clients with their interior design woes, and then logging in another couple of hours at home working on my baby; this blog. Needless to say, I spent a lot of time sitting at a desk. While I could easily set up shop on the couch in the living room, I find that I am the most productive when sat at a desk in a comfortable and functional home office space. With more and more people starting to work either part time or full time from home, the need for a separate office space has become more relevant than ever. Whether you have a separate room in your home to name as your office space, or a tiny corner in your bedroom like I have, here are a few simple ways to ensure that you are getting the most out of your office and yourself.

Natural Light

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Whether you’re a blogger, photographer, accountant, what have you- natural light is a must when setting up your home office. Not only does it improve your mood and productivity, but natural light also improves your sleep quality. Try situating your desk facing or close to a window with lots of sun exposure, and if possible, set up your office in a Southern facing room . Remember that every home is different, so look around your home and take note of where the light is coming from and take advantage of it!

Designate Your Space

Small home office idea with chalkboard walls
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If you are living in a smaller apartment, or creating a separate office area within a larger room, it is important to set your home office space apart. A simple way to achieve this is with an accent wall covered in paint, wallpaper, or chalk paint, as seen here. Accent walls are a great way to create the allusion that your new set up was meant to be an office space. Choosing an accent color or accessories that coordinate with the rest of your room is a great way to tie everything together!


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As with any design, making the most of your storage space can be tricky. Utilize the space above your desk with stylish shelving like these sleek black and gold as seen on Buy coordinating storage and file boxes to keep things cohesive, and be sure to purchase a desk with drawers to help hide any added clutter. The more organized your office space, the more productive you can be. Paperwork piles up, and it is best to keep yourself ahead of the clutter by setting yourself up with proper organization.

The Perfect Desk Chair

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This is where you may have to search a little bit in order to find the perfect blend of style and comfort. Do not sacrifice your comfort in this department! You spend a lot of time sitting, and nothing is worse than a nagging back ache disrupting your productivity. You don’t always have to reserve rolling office chairs for your work space, instead consider a more plush, upholstered option to bring an added layer of style and comfort to your office. If you aren’t looking to spend a fortune, be sure to shop around your local HomeGoods or Target stores for cute, affordable options. However, be sure to measure your desk height first to be sure you are sitting a comfortable distance from your desk top!

Fun Accents

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The best part about designing any space is personalizing it to fit your style. That means adding all of those tiny details that bring a room to the next level. This is where you get to have the most fun! Create a gallery wall behind your desk to display inspiring photos or quotes. Add a pop of color with a fresh bouquet of flowers in your favorite vases. Fill your office with all the things that inspire you and make you happy, if there is one area of your home that should be filled with inspiration this would be it!

xx Kelly


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Hi, I'm Kelly! A 24 year old Lifestyle & Travel blogger from New England.

3 thoughts on “How To Create The Perfect Office Space

  1. Thanks for this post!! I’m an accountant by day and food blogger by night and am currently working on my little office at home! I love the hanging bookshelf – it’s a great way to add more storage with less clutter.

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    1. Yes!! So glad you liked it! I know that when I started seriously blogging that I wanted to do a post like this. Working in interior design by day also made me a little biased towards a design post 🙂 When you finish up your office you’ll have to send me a photo!

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