Hello Fresh Review

Price Breakdown: Classic Meal Plan – $9.99 per meal, $59.99 per week + free shipping (3 meals for 2 people).

First Impressions: Hello Fresh is a food delivery service that is focuses on providing healthy, fresh and delicious meals for those of us with little time and few cooking experience. For the past month I have been trying this food phenomenon for myself, and I am excited to share my findings and thoughts with my readers!

Hello Fresh Review

How it Works:  Hello Fresh offers a vegetarian plan, family plan, and their classic plan (the one I went with) that includes enough food for 2 or 4 people. Through your account on their website you can choose which 3 meals of the 6 offered each week you want delivered to your front door. Shipping is free, and requires no signature (perfect for those who work all day).

Each meal is packaged in an individual box with all of the necessary ingredients, making it easy to fit in your refrigerator and keep things organized. They also come with easy to read recipe cards that provide step by step instructions. Most recipes clock in at around 30 minutes cook time, while others can take a little longer. Hello Fresh labels their meals by difficulty and typically offers one “Premium” meal per week that you can try for an additional fee.

Hello Fresh Review

Pros: Every meal I have tried so far has been delicious and easy to prepare. The recipes have expanded my pallet exponentially and are balanced, healthy, and flavorful. From preparing their recipes I learned that I tend to over cook things (mainly meats) and have been missing out on tons of spices and herbs that are utilized in many of their meals! The delivery was easy and everything in my box was fresh and cool when it arrived at my home. They also have the option to delay your deliveries or skip weeks which is convenient for people like me who don’t necessarily want a delivery every week.


Cons: There is a significant amount of waste i.e. the boxes and dry ice packs that the food is delivered in. They also do not have a plan for individuals, so I had to go with their classic plan which is designed for 2 or 4 people. This is fine if you’re like me and love leftovers, but for those who don’t this could be a deal breaker.

Final Thoughts: Overall I was extremely impressed by Hello Fresh as a brand and product. Their customer service was excellent, and their website is easy and simple to use. Having the option to delay your box is a nice feature, as well as having the ability to select which meals you want.

Hello Fresh Review

Pricing for this subscription is fair; $9.99 per meal is more than I would pay if I went to the grocery store, but less than a typical meal out. If I didn’t have the option to delay my boxes I would probably argue that it is too expensive, but I get 2 or 3 servings out of each meal so it does last me the week.

If you are someone who is interested in cooking, or if you are on a time crunch with little time to run to the grocery store each week then this service would be of interest to you! I definitely enjoy the variety and how surprisingly filling they are. I found no need to add a side dish to fill the gaps. That alone makes you feel like you are getting the most for your dollar! If you are interested in reading more comparisons between food services like HelloFresh, be sure to check out this great article over on Reviews.com as well!


xx Kelly


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