Restaurant Spotlight: Flying Fishbone, Aruba

As a frequent visitor to the island of Aruba, I have been lucky enough to experience many of Aruba’s restaurants. From fine dining to hole in the wall cafes, this island has it all, and boasts some of the most delicious meat and fish I’ve ever had. One place that has kept me coming back year after year for not only its delicious menu but its amazing atmosphere has to be Flying Fishbone.

Located on the far end of the island in Savaneta, this restaurant is a 30 minute taxi ride from the high rise hotels on the opposite end of the island, which may be a turn off for some visitors but each time I have eaten here reiterates that the trip is well worth it. The drive up may have some people scratching their heads; it is tucked deep within a neighborhood, the facade of the building looking more like someones home than a restaurant. At the end of the walkway, however, is a perfect view of the ocean and tables sitting directly in the sand. It is a one of a kind dining experience.

Known for its fresh fish and delicious scallops and shrimp, the menu boasts something for everyone. Favorites include the lobster and avocado salad appetizer, and the creamy lobster bisque. The main course includes both meat and fish options, but for my main course this time around I ordered the special; Red Snapper served over mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables with a white wine sauce. While the price tag is on the higher side, I definitely feel it is well worth it! Not only is the food fresh and delicious but the atmosphere is second to none. Just be sure to save room for dessert, I recommend the chocolate ravioli!

xx Kelly


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